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melissa2u in u2_sounds_off

From Bono in Conversation, by Michka Assayas

Bono: And then I remember Edge picking the guitar, sitting down in a corridor, once. He was playing Neil Young's "The Needle and the Damage Done." I was trying to play it as well. I was envious because I could tell that he could play a little better than I could. (laughs) What I didn't realize at that time is that he could play a lot better than I could. He always had that thing about him, that he wouldn't nominate himself to run in the race. But if he was put in the race, he would want to win it. It's a strange thing, and I don't know where it comes from. He has a healthy disrespect - and respect - for his own ego.

What do you mean?

Bono: He knows that he's capable of, and he would not push himself forward. He would rather hang back in the shadows and be discovered.

So what you're implying...

Bono: (laughs, interrupting) What I'm implying is I'm his manager. Whereas Larry was different. Larry, who started the band, would tell you he has no interest in being a rock star. But he's the one who started the rock band. So that's a little disingenuous, because he's the guy who loved T. Red, Bowie, and the great pop stars. It's a strange thing. So he, in a way, though he didn't hang around in the shadows like Edge, once he was discovered certainly made attempts to run back there. But "Me thinks he doth protest too much," because I think Larry's really great at being in a rock 'n' roll back, but he doesn't think he is. Has all the instincts, but the way it appears is that myself and Adam were the showmen of the group.

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September 2007

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